Our farm, the Hooge Woeste, dates from about 1930, with buildings located at the edge of the Wisselse Veen and the heath of Tongeren. Many years ago these were the rough grounds of the tundra-like landscape at the edge of the Veluwe and the IJssel valley. Not so long ago the local  population still eked out a precarious existence on the poor soil. Peat was still cut near the farm  until mid-1952.

A short distance from the Hooge Woeste lie the Woester Mountain, beautifully located between  the valley of the Smallerts brook, and the Wisselse Veen, with a rustic view over the former peat  fields.

The excellent tourist infrastructure, the vast wet and dry heathlands, woods, springs and brooks,   burial mounds and Celtic Fields, is typical of the area. Various special flowers and plants grow    here and the seasons offer ever changing, surprising visual and odoriferous experiences!

An abundance of wildlife can be seen; we regularly have deer in the forest or in the gardens, and about 200 m away there are two inhabited badger setts.


In short: the Hooge Woeste lies in an attractive area, perfect to experience nature, the landscape, and the cultural history on foot, on bicycle, or on horseback.

Zitje op rand van bos

The area has lots to do and offers something for everyone. The cozy village of Epe lays 4.3 km away and has a wide range of supermarkets, shops, and restaurants. The centre of Emst is 3.3 km away and has a nationally famous butcher, as well as a greengrocer, supermarket, and several restaurants.

There are many roads available for the biker or hiker: cycling routes, marked routes and the well-known Klompen paths are close by, and we live on the edge of the Maarten van Rossum path.

We have stables for horses and access to grazing on the grounds. You can explore the forest from right here (routes available). Vehicles and trailers can also be parked on site. Horses should be dewormed and have had all their vaccinations on schedule.

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You can also embark on a culinary or cultural discovery:

  • Star restaurants in Zwolle (De Librije – 25 km.) or in Vaasen (De Leest – 6 km.), and there are various restaurants and cafes of different price and quality classes. About 1 km away, for example is the typical Dutch pancake house De Veldkamp, where you can enjoy a delicious and welcoming meal.
  • In Zwolle and Apeldoorn there are various theaters, museums, and galleries; in Epe you can also, amongst others, visit the Hagendoorn

Close to our holiday houses you will find the Animal Park Wissel, a trout farm and candle maker, Castle Cannenburgh, Palace’t Loo, and the Apenheul, the recreational lake Kievietsveld, and the wellness centre Veluwse Bron. The nature reserves Het Wisselse Veen, the heath of Tongeren, and the royal crown lands are all around the corner. The national park de Hoge Veluwe, Burgers Bush, and the Dolphinarium are all easy to reach (about 30 minutes by vehicle).

For the fans: amusement park Julianatoren, with a trip on a donkey at the donkey farm, or a tour in a cart pulled by beautiful Friesian horses!

We would love to help you get started with personal advice, but you are also welcome to consult our websites.

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