Prices 2021 based on 2 persons:

The Horse stableThe chicken coop
breakfast not includedbreakfast not included
Overnight stay€115€95
Extra person€20€20
The Hunting Room The Sheep Cage
Incl. breakfastbreakfast not included
Overnight stay€120*€95
Extra person€25

*Bookings from 2 nights, 1 night is negotiable. For 1 night in the Horse stable you pay a surcharge of €35,-

**The Hunting Room can only be booked based on bed and breakfast

Dog: € 10,-, bench required.

Prices do not include tourist tax (€ 1,- per person per day).

Prices include bed-bath and kitchen linen, tea and coffee.
Prices do not include cleaning costs €45,- The Stable and €35,- for the other accommodations.

Payment method: cash / bank transfer (in advance).

If you like to stay  several days we will be happy to discuss this with you. If you will stay longer than two nights we will ask you a deposit from € 100,-.

Breakfast options €12,50pp:

  • served at the desired time between 8 and 10 am;
  • placed ready in the refrigerator (self-service) or
  • you can organize this yourself or
  • breakfast every now and then €10pp

Breakfast of local products: please inform us of your diet in time.

For horses:

€   7,50 grazing

€ 15,- stabling

€  22,50  grazing and stabling

Prices are per horse per day

Stabling includes rapeseed straw and hay. Does not include fodder / pellets.


We can offer you discounts on a restaurant and a Sauna complex.

Please, let us know what you like and/or like to do.


The countryside around Emst is sometimes wide and open, other times full of forests, exciting and impressive. Celtic Fields, a sheep washer, burial mounds, etc. are signs of earlier residents.

The old cultural landscape is still visible and old (hollow) roads cross through the area. Despite the FMD crisis of 2001 farmers are still important carriers of this landscape.

Governments, Nature Organizations and the District Water Board are actively trying to keep the area attractive, and this requires careful and timely discussion with all those involved!

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