Our farm, the Hooge Woeste and its buildings, dates from 1930.

Our B&B and the versatile naturally beautiful environment is an attractive place to stay in all seasons. Every season offers an experience and each has its own special characteristics.

Our annex holds three separate, smoke-free accommodations: the “Stable” and “The Chicken Coop” and “The Sheep Cage”. Thus named because you are staying in the countryside, and stables and coops were normal terms, and were important terms for the owners. We now offer you the necessary comfort, space, and tranquility.

You have a view on the forest from the “Stable”, “The Chicken Coop” and “The Sheep Cage” or your own terrace, or you can find a spot on the edge of the forest with a view of the meadows.

We have stables for horses and access to grazing on the grounds. There is also space for your car and trailer.


The countryside around Emst is sometimes wide and open, other times full of forests, exciting and impressive. Celtic Fields, a sheep washer, burial mounds, etc. are signs of earlier residents.

The old cultural landscape is still visible and old (hollow) roads cross through the area. Despite the FMD crisis of 2001 farmers are still important carriers of this landscape.

Governments, Nature Organizations and the District Water Board are actively trying to keep the area attractive, and this requires careful and timely discussion with all those involved!

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