Bed and Breakfast De Hooge Woeste
Woesterbergweg 6, 8166 HE Emst
Tel. 0031 578 662122 / 0031 6 2956 1996
email: info@dehoogewoeste.nl

Bed and Breakfast with the option of a stable / pasture in Gelderland (North East Veluwe)

The annex next to our farm has four separate, smoke free accommodations:
the so-called “Stable”, “The Chicken Coop” ,”The Hunting Room” and “The Sheep Cage”.

Our B&B is excellent for a single night or a few wonderful nights of relaxation, just the two of you, or by yourself, if you prefer!
You are also welcome to visit the Stable, the Sheep Cage, the Hunting Room or the Chicken Coop with a party of more than two or four. Please make prior arrangements.

Privacy and tranquility is as important to us as it is to you, our guests!

We look forward to welcoming you!

The Stable can also be rented as a conference facility for courses and workshops in a peaceful and natural environment, providing, if of course, that there are no other guests. Catering and service can be arranged.


The countryside around Emst is sometimes wide and open, other times full of forests, exciting and impressive. Celtic Fields, a sheep washer, burial mounds, etc. are signs of earlier residents.

The old cultural landscape is still visible and old (hollow) roads cross through the area. Despite the FMD crisis of 2001 farmers are still important carriers of this landscape.

Governments, Nature Organizations and the District Water Board are actively trying to keep the area attractive, and this requires careful and timely discussion with all those involved!

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